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  1. 1. parctice guitar until im good enough to play awesome solo's
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  2. 2. finish two years of piano lessons
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  3. 3. run nacked in a field
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  4. 4. get my driving licence
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  5. 5. buy a car
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  6. 6. finish school with good grades
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  7. 7. see lord of the dance
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  8. 8. Go to a Yanni concert
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  9. 9. Fall in love
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  10. 10. draw more
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  11. 11. learn Russian
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  12. 12. learn breakdance
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  13. 13. start a band
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  14. 14. buy a better guitar
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  15. 15. learn MMA
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How I did it
How to lose weight and work out my mussels
It took me
6 months
It made me

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go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
it was just awesome..

one of the best things i have done
just talked with my friend one day and we disided wer going on a huge trip with no spesific destination we drove something like 17 hours we stopped at the desert and drank coffe in the middle of nowhere
was defintly one of the best things i have done!!!

sign up to a gym
not worth doing

they take alot of money from you
and their method is not as good as other simpler and more effective methodes

learn Russian
my pearnts are from russia

i kinda understand what people say in russian but i dont know how to talk back to them and because i look russian so people talk to me in russian its very frustrating..
guees i should start to learn this language because its very usefull in israel!

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