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  1. 1. get married
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  2. 2. get a boob job
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  3. 3. Have a wardrobe I'm proud of
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  4. 4. own my own home
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  5. 5. stop trying to figure out who i am and just start being me
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  6. 6. stop seeking the approval of others
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  7. 7. get out of debt
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  8. 8. learn to trust
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  9. 9. Save money
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  10. 10. have babies
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  11. 11. lose weight
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  12. 12. learn to be happy without anyone elses help
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get married

i want to get married. i want the excitment. im only 19, almost 20…and im deeply madly in love. And we are “unoffically” engaged. but we know we will. we know we love eachother enough to spend forever together. we live together and weve been together for 2 years…it just sucks because were so young, that everyone will frown.. buuuuut i cant wait to walk down the isle!

have babies

i cant wait to have a baby…babies!
im still young, but i come from a young family…my mother, her mother, her sisters, my great grandmother…they all had their first child young…which doesnt mean thats for me.. but i want one.
i never ever used to. i hated kids..and then suddenly i fell in love and i know hes the one and we have plans to get married…i know i want his children and i cant wait!
i know right now at this point in my life it wouldnt be the best thing, but sometimes i wish it would just happen.

lose weight

im pretty sure im slipping back into my horrible not eating, over exercising habits… i hate the way i look and ihate the way people look at me.. i hate my clothes and everything. ugh…
screw diets, and screw food all together…its so hard! it used to be so easy going 3 or 4 days without eatting real food…idk if i can do it again but i have to.


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