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  1. 1. do one hundred consecutive push-ups
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  2. 2. run a marathon
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  3. 3. exhibit my paintings
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  4. 4. write a novel
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  5. 5. get a 6 pack
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  6. 6. learn farsi
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  7. 7. Visit Italy
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  8. 8. lose the last 10 pounds
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  9. 9. master cleanse
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get a 6 pack
What I want

..is just the vertical line definition down the middle.
I dont need a full on six pack.

It’s fat on the lower stomach that the main problem. I think thats more about cardio that ab exercises but I am doing both.

Need to keep sucking in the belly button throughout the day – better posture has got to help strengthen these abs.

do one hundred consecutive push-ups
Starting out

Did 20 full ‘guy’ pushups (no knees) – there’s a looooong way to go to 100!!!
It helped to have the Ipod on. I wonder how long it’s gonna take if I do it every night –
Does anyone know?

At least I ran three miles without stopping for the first time tonight.

Getting fitter one step at a time.

exhibit my paintings
The end of Procrastination...

It started as a wonderful hope, then began to get tainted from the pressure of my whole life hinging on the dream of making money from my art…talk about a creativity killer.
Now I’m getting back to painting for the enjoyment of it. I really want to start showing. I feel I might have something to say at last now I’m 33!

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