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  1. 1. be famous for being myself
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  2. 2. be fluent in japanese
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  3. 3. excersise more
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  4. 4. learn to play guitar
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  5. 5. go to a kanjani8 concert
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  6. 6. meet kanjani8
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  7. 7. meet the chefs on Food Network
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  8. 8. see jack's mannequin live
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  9. 9. have artistic talents
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  10. 10. gain more confidence
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be fluent in Japanese
some advice

i think if you have a strong basic foundation, a good way to learn is through jpop and japanese dramas. i’ve only been seriously studying for a year and a half or so, but i’m nearly fluent in speaking (but i also have a job where i’m forced to converse with japanese tourists).

you hear a lot in j-dramas and you just pick it up like snap. and with jpop, i just listen to it everyday. if there’s a word i don’t know, i just look it up. this way may sound really dumb, but it’s worked pretty good for me.

it also presents the language to you in an everyday usage situation versus textbooks that may only teach you the formal way to speak.

Stop caring what other people think of me

this one guy i used to be friends with totally broke my friends heart over a bet. he’s such an asshole. but a popular asshole. he’s done tons of horrible things before, and he hates me and i hate him now. all his friends (which is a lot of people) don’t like me either. and it’s like, i really don’t care. YOU are the asshole, and you guys are the idiots following this asshole. all of these people are just wasting a lot of time hating me, because i really don’t care what fake lies you say about me and i don’t care what you think of me. before, i would have probably just gotten over it (like how all my other friends have) but i’m not going to settle with him doing that shit as if it’s OKAY or something. you have to stand up for what’s right, even if you’re standing alone.

have short hair

i’ve had long hair all my life, and i’ve been wanting to cut it for a few years. i finally did a couple weeks ago. at first i kind of didn’t like it, but now i like it.

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