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kill my brother (read all 2 entries…)
Oleg Mogilevskiy,Denver,Colorado

“Congratulations”! My dumb brother lost his job becouse he fly somwhere in another city and managers don’t let do him that…May
be he will back from his appartment to our house…I will can’t feel it! Suck to him!!! Idiot!!!

kill my brother (read all 2 entries…)
oleg mogilevkiy,denver,colorado

actually my brother pretty dumb. he stady and work,but he don’t like it! He like bars!!! He play soccer but he not like in Maradonna or Pele! He roude on me and somertime going kick me! Once he get svolen
my leg!!! he have very big muscules, and I afraid that! Actually my education is web design and computer graphics, and I was educated myself without college, I can’t found good job becouse of modern economy, he think what I am crazy becouse of that!!! He yelled on me from that!!! So, fuck him!!! he is totally shit.


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