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move someplace warm
I'm in Texas now!

Well, I guess Warm is an understatement! Here it is 14 April and we’re at 88 degrees at 17:18. Thank goodness for the Cold Springs. So nice to see I’ve accomplished some of my goals!

heal my arms

Hey there, it’s a long time since I added this Thing. I am still dealing with arm stuff but I’ve come a long way since I first wrote! I worked with a trainer for a few months (‘til the $$ ran out) and now do some gentle weight lifting and have a mindset of strength and health that I didn’t have before. It’s going well!

take my children (when i have them) on a two-year trip in a van through South America

It would be nice if I had a suitable partner to come with us. Um and I guess to sire the children. That would be a good start.

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