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  1. 1. Start using SVN.
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  2. 2. start a wiki
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  3. 3. meditate daily
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  4. 4. complete Pimsleur Japanese II
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  5. 5. set realistic goals
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  6. 6. earn my black belt
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  7. 7. do the splits
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  8. 8. live in Japan
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  9. 9. buy a motorcycle
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  10. 10. Get a new job
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  11. 11. Learn another language
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  12. 12. sew my own clothes
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meditate daily

letting go is so very hard. clearly it’s what i need to work on most.

See They Might Be Giants perform live
much easier to do on the East Coast

THEY give tons of concerts in NYC and Philly, and don’t venture out relatively much.

If you really want to see Them, plan a trip to NYC (you gotta heart NYC) and catch TMBG doing one of their not-infrequent free gigs. I saw a free show in Central Park once, many years ago, and I got Flans to sign my absentee excuse note from high school. :D

complete Pimsleur Japanese II
pursuant to my "set realistic goals" goal...

It’s silly to declare that my goal is to “learn Japanese”. Considering that a native Japanese speaker could conceivably major in his own language, going on to complete a PhD, and still feel there are depths yet unexplored, at what point would I consider myself to have “learned Japanese”?

While I’m the last person to suggest that knowledge comes in prefab packages, encapsulated courses can be very good tools for setting doable goals. Besides, with an audio course like Pimsleur, I can work on my splits while I’m Japanifying.

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