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follow jesus

There seems to be much confusion about this subject among Christians and others. However, when I decided to do this and started reading the Gospel accounts in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, it is quite clear why Jesus came and what he asks of us. The confusion may be more because it sounds hard and self-less.

Get a new job
the network

all the job posting sites got me one interview all together. At a bad company i might add. The network of family, friends and church got me in the door and lead me to a great new job.

Have a positive net worth

I know everyone would “like” to have a Positive Net Worth, but most people never make it a serious goal. I am about $140k in the hole between my home and cars. A few weeks ago I was laid off. It was a bit unexpected considering I was thought of by many as being the best in my department. They (being a large corporation) used length of service as the factor for the layoff. But I am doing fine financially. This even made me reconsider all of my spending habits and I realized how long I will be paying for all of my crap. Once I start a new job, I hope that my wife and I can keep up this thoughtful handling of money.


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