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For the past Two Years I have been working as a lecturer in English, teaching for both English Literature and English Language in two different colleges, gained from both Arts and Science and Engineering students so that I can teach all kind of students. I have been handling Professional Communication and Soft Skills Programmes which are useful in enhancing the subject and spoken English of the students and their overall personality development. Apart from teaching I have trained many students in achieving place in sports, literary and cultural activities, placements etc… I am much confident that I can serve the best I can;

A Teacher must be a good learner and know the likings and disliking of the students… He has to move with the students freely and let the students to work much and work hard to bring out the talent inborn with them. He should know how to reach the students mind and can be highly helpful in fulfilling their needs. A good student can be the best Teacher I feel. I firmly say, I was a good Student. He must keep on strengthening the art of learning to give cross references which will help students’ better understanding. The concepts that he deals must be like a clear stream…..

I am much interested because a teacher/ instructor alone can meet many pupils in a life time and share all sort of ideas with every one even apart from the subject. My job responsibilities include enhancing the Subject strength, communication skills of the students, improving their Spoken and Written English, making them understand, analyze and interpret the texts, giving them the knowledge of language structure in analyzing literary texts, preparing the students, best presentations in the Exam and Creative Thinking. I am specialized in Computer based English Teaching….


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