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  1. 1. tell him I love him
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  2. 2. be totally happy
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  3. 3. lose weight
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  4. 4. let him know how i feel for him
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  5. 5. quit smoking
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  6. 6. have sex
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  7. 7. go to port townsend right now
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  8. 8. i want to cry
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  9. 9. delete my myspace account
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tell him I love him
i love him

i am in love and haven’t told him i well i told him i loved him when i was drunk but i want to tell him when i’m sober it would mean alot more to me and him plus he thinks i don’t even know i said that to him so i’m going to leave it like that so when i tell him it will be like the first time

delete my myspace account
can it ever end

myspace has taken over my life fuck it’s horrible i can’t sign out of it i’m on it right now

i want to cry

i’m so happy but sad at the same time

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