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  1. 1. choose a career
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  2. 2. have babies
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  3. 3. publish a science/nature paper
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  4. 4. run a marathon
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  5. 5. Get a tattoo
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How I did it
How to finish my PhD
It took me
4 years
It made me

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Get a tattoo
but not just any tattoo

I am waiting for a chum to finish designing me the awesomest tattoo ever. I have given her lots of pointers but she’s super busy – hopefully she’ll give me some design ideas soon cos I’ve been waiting nearly a year!

run a marathon
hmm yeah longer term goal, this one

Given that I get puffed out when I jog for a few minutes, this one is not gonna happen soon!

Meet Brian May
He is my hero

When he came to my university to accept an honorary degree at the graduation ceremony, I was sore amazed. Since he’s all about the Physics, he came to visit our department. I hovered in the corridor like a nervous schoolgirl, and when it came time for him to leave I stepped up and asked if I could take a pic of him with my fiancée. Anita Dobson said “how could we say no to that?” and in the end she took pics of me, Brian and my fiancée. Brian is amazingly lovely, wished us luck with the wedding, accepted our gushing praise and shook our hands. WOWSERS!

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