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  1. 1. move to spain
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  2. 2. learn handbalancing
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  3. 3. grow food
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  4. 4. employ people
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  5. 5. befriend successful people
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  6. 6. buy a digital camera
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  7. 7. take a design class
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  8. 8. stage a photo shoot
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  9. 9. fix my relationship
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  10. 10. finish knitting my sweater
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  11. 11. sew skirts
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  12. 12. learn kung fu
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  13. 13. earn a passive income
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  14. 14. switch to energy-efficient light bulbs
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Recent entries
stop being so jelous
Awesome, except movies don't make sense anymore.

I think my favourite discussion of jealousy is in a book about polyamory called The Ethical Slut. It focuses on getting what you need, instead of caring what other people have.

Honestly though, it is astounding how many movie plots hinge on someone’s jealousy, and expect you to be sympathetic.

learn kung fu
overstimulated, but good i think.

taking kung fu classes is a lot more stimulating than i expected.

1. i’m rather a pacifist. how can i focus on learning to hit people in the face? i think this is possible, but confusing and funny right now.

2. i seem to learn by telling, which doesn’t go over very well in class. “so i go like this, then like that?” “ya. just do it!” i like to wrap my head around things before i try them. that might have to change.

3. wow. having a teacher. on the one hand, super fun. on the other hand, really annoying.

4. is my solar plexis going to be stiff for the rest of my life? it’s so ODD.

5. so much fun so much fun. everything is so efficient and sensible. this has always been my favourite part of any martial art.


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