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do 100 random acts of kindness

I came across this site and was really inspired by the idea. Everyday we are presented with opportunities to commit an act of kindness. But how often do we take the opportunity? Most of the time we’re too busy, too distracted, or (let’s admit it) too lazy to act.

So why wait for the opportunity when you can create the opportunity? My goal is to do at least 100 of the random acts of kindness on this link and other RAOK links. And I think the underlying (even more important) goal is to create a ripple effect and hopefully get others to “pay it forward”. :)

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B = Biku

Went to Bali in September and ate at this really awesome cafe in Seminyak. It’s casual but quirky and the food is unbelievable! A lot of natural, organic foods that taste amazing. Had the cucumber soup, the freshest salad I’ve ever had, and a chocolate dessert to die for! If I lived in Bali I would go there every day.

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And Then The Next 10...

31. My smart, furry, energetic, lovable dog Zoe.
32. Being inspired and inspiring someone else.
33. When my family and friends are happy.
34. Kool aid and green mangoes or edepsal.
35. Coming home to a clean house and laundry folded by the Boo.
36. The Patriots going to the Superbowl.
37. Being right.
38. Receiving offers from law schools.
39. Mudslides.
40. 30 minutes on the eliptical at the gym.

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