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  1. 1. visit navajo indian reservation
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  2. 2. Live on a sailboat
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  3. 3. live outdoors on island
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live outdoors on island

I found a lake in the woods in the middle of the town where I live. Nobody knows that it’s there and there’s a little island in the middle of it about the size of a fairly large house. I don’t have a lot of money at the moment and I’ve got to self-sustain, so I think I’m going to pull an extended camping trip, set it all up, and live on it for about a month or so. Rent is $0 a month so I can save a bunch of money in the process, then get that boat and get the fuck out of dodge. Yummy.

live on a sailboat
Live on a sailboat

I’ve never been into sailing really, but it occurred to me recently that living on a boat would be a great idea for someone that likes to travel as much as I do and doesn’t have a lot of money (also like me…). Sailboats are cheap I hear- maybe six grand for a 30something footer. Or less. That’s much better that paying rent every month. Plus, the fuel that makes it go is free. You can go/live anywhere you want. That suits me just fine.

If anyone has a boat I could make payments on please let me know. I’m about to start my search.

visit navajo indian reservation
Visit The Navajo Indian Reservation

Yeah, I had sort of a revelation about science, spirituality (I hate that word though…), and the operation of the universe recently. Without going into detail, it’s all about the pursuit of Harmony, just to let you in. This all occurred to me because of some reading I did about the Navajo (Dine) People, But I still have some questions I’d like answered, so I want to get out on the res and meet some Dine, get their perspective on things. The only thing is, I have no idea where I’m going once I get out there. I’ve got no problem with wandering around in the desert for a week or two, but I do wonder what other (white) people’s experiences have been heading out there for vacation or whatever. Hee, hee…

Wish me luck. Leaving after May’s up.



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