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  1. 1. pray more
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  2. 2. drink more water
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  3. 3. write in my journal more
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  4. 4. run an 8 minute mile
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  5. 5. stop procrastinating
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  6. 6. never swear again
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  7. 7. get a job
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  8. 8. be a better reader
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  9. 9. reach higher notes with trumpet
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  10. 10. Get more sleep
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  11. 11. appologise
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write in my journal more
Started one...

but can I keep it going?? I started an online journal for conviency and the first enrty I wrote was an awesome introductory irst entry, but I pushed the wrong button and it didnt save. But I wrote a not-as-good one and am going to try to keep it going. I think journals are important because what seems insignificant today will be fun to look back on later.

pray more (read all 2 entries…)
Is more ever enough?

Can we ever say we have ‘done’ this? In this goal I don’t think more is ever enough and it is my belief that anyone reading this and myself should strive to pray anywhere, anytime.

get a job
I applied for a job...

It is for my schools summer school program… hopefully I will be accepted this year 8D

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