write a textbook (read all 2 entries…)
Contract signed!

Now it ’s time to to get the hard work done. Twelve months of writing and editing, three months of professional editing and review, then the print reviews and finally, sometime in mid to late 2011 I hope to see me work out in the world.

learn to dance with the man i love.

Dance is close and sensual. Great exercise too. So, Bakchos, are you up for it?

prove simon's prediction right.
It takes two

Bakchos, you need to be here for this one!

raise a pup

Yes, I’ve done this, but I want to do so again. This time, I get a pup a little older – somewhere between 8 and 12 weeks. German Shepherds always have my heart. So very loyal and intelligent. Perhaps a labrador.

Successfully bake a loaf of bread
Note, I said successfully

I have quite successfully baked loaves that could be used as cornerstones for building, but never a really nice, light loaf! Damper is easy, bread is not.

go hot air balooning
Somewhere picturesque

Atherton tablelands, Autumn Fest in Canberra, over forests and trees.

share a bit of ol' bakchos' mellifluous burgundy with zeus and semele.

Now really, it’s time I met the folks. Got a ram I can hitch a ride on up to Olympus, sweet Bakchos?

make love to mark in provence.
France, lavendar, spring ...

My French teacher used to rave about Provence in the spring. Can’t you hear Vivaldi? “Fields of Gold” with a Gallic flavour, for my Gallo-Fenian Warrior!

start playing the piano again

This will happen. Need the instrument first.

Buy a piano

Full size upright. I’d love a baby grand, but space would be the issue. And for someone going back to her primary instrument after such a long break, a grand is not really warranted. An older, restored piano with good mellow tone and nice rhythm is all I ask.

write a textbook (read all 2 entries…)
In progress

Waiting for the contract … waiting. 2011 will be the year. At least that’s what the publisher says.



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