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cook more fun stuff and take pictures of the dishes
Getting a start ahead of 2011

I don’t celebrate Hanukkah, but holidays always seem to cry out for some fun food. In keeping with the miracle of the oil, I’m making two fried dishes: regular latkes (a family favorite, served w/ applesauce), and a latke/kibbet yatkeen mashup (Pumpkin Patties of Jewish Syrian origin).

use my Dutch oven more often (read all 4 entries…)
Dutch Oven Pizza (twice)

I’d never done pizza in a dutch oven before this weekend. I love to make it on the grill, but that’s been the limit of my outdoor pizza making.

On Friday, we ended up making three dutch ovens worth of pizza for a small OA event. It was unbelievable. We cheated and used Rhodes bread dough for the crust, thawing it and rolling it out into large rounds. We set the rounds into the bottom of well seasoned dutch ovens (with a little corn meal to help reduce sticking), and baked them for 45 minutes or so until they’d cooked through. Then we put down a light coat of sauce on the crusts and a thick layer of toppings (think two of those huge Godfathers Pizzas stacked atop each other), and put the whole thing back on the coals to cook.

It ended up being so good that on Sunday night, I made another one for my family at home. This one goes right onto the ‘do again soon’ list.

do another 10 mile hike in December
Urban hike this time

Because it’s getting cold and we really don’t want to get stuck up in the mountains, my son and I are going to do a 10 mile urban hike around Provo this month. I’m not sure where we’ll go, but it will probably need to include a stop or two for treats along the way.

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