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make eddie izzard laugh
When I made sexy eddie izzard laugh.

I was signing in extras for a wardrobe fitting and Eddie strolls into the production offices for “House of D”, he wasn’t in the movie but came by to see the lady who was the wardrobe designer, maybe it was Ellen or Elaine, anyway the wardrobe department shared the space with production and he walked in to see her in a hush, but layed that super sexy gaze on me, who was just as delighted and surprised that nobody in the office was noticing that one of the earthly comedy gods that roam among us was entering the office and he looks at me, nay, gobbles me up with that glare and raises his eyebrows and puts on that pouts the way he does and smirks and I say, “Hey, there sexy” and bite my lip and he laughs and smiles like a little boy. I showed him the way. Very cool, demure but on the inside my heart was racing like a little bunny. Not too many men can do that to me, but oh my goodness. Getting that little laugh out of him was too much. Later, when I asked the wardrobe designer about it she said that her friend who was working with him asked her to do a favor for him and she told me that she told the friend, “Fine, I’ll do it,”“But I said, no drama, no waiting around this has got to take no time, because I don’t have any time to spare.”” And that is how it went, no drama, very little time, and in and out without hardly anyone noticing much except for me.

Raise my children to be good citizens of the world.
Reap what you sow.

I want my children to grow up to be independent, freethinking, confident, nice, thoughtful people. Which is exactly what I must be to them and show them how that is done. I constantly remind them to remember their manners but do I always do it? Being nice is hugely underrated but hugely appreciated. It will pay off when they are older and will not actively listen to you intentionally but won’t be able to not listen to what was already instilled in their thought process. Being a good person will help achieve peace.

have my own art/writing/craft studio
Create my own art/writing/craft studio coop

An artists lair for a meeting of the mindseye to create masterpieces for the people by the people in a collective spirit a collaboration for the creation of art and well being in the fellowship people. An atmosphere of culture and relaxation with an emphasis on the inner artist in everyone who would like to get away for a while and have something to show for it. I want to create a place to go when you have something you need to get out and express in a positively physical way, go and create art.


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