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Devote one hour a week at least to working in the garden
Just remember

that they may seem like they’re spaced out enough when they’re little, but tomatoes grow like weeds!
I have three tomato plants and three small dwarf basil plants in a window box, and they’re getting way too big for the pots.

Problem is, they’re blooming and I don’t want to transplant them and kill the flowers/fruit.

So, just remember spacing if you’re planning on planting a garden.

run a mile every day
Don't give up

I started running two weeks ago, and I feel a lot better. I smoke, and I drink, and I’ve been pretty darn unhealthy most of my life. I always eat well (kind of have to living with 2 vegetarians), but drinking too much wine/beer has caused me to gain 20lbs in the past six months.

Since I started running, I’ve lost 6lbs. Not too shabby, and at least I know that I’m losing weight in a healthy way instead of a crash diet kind of way that will inadvertantly cause me to gain weight.

Thing is, yeah it sucks, but it gets better everyday. After the run (and a shower) I feel like a million bucks. And even though I’m not dropping the pounds as fast as I hoped, I look like I’ve lost 20, so I could really care less what the darn scale says.
I’m no where near the point where I want to be (endurance or weight…. and yes, I do care about endurance), but I’m patient…. and stubborn.

Make a gingerbread house (read all 2 entries…)

Well, what can I say? If you like cooking, it’s worth it. Drinking wine while making it certainly helps, and don’t get frustrated if it collapses… you can always eat it. However, mine survived a car accident en-route to my friends’ grandparents house! Oh yeah, and you can never use too much icing!

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