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never watch tv alone
No more watching tv alone.

I used to rarely watch tv. I would watch movies with friends, but that was about it.
Lately, I watch tv alot more often and I feel like it is wasted time. I am not saying that I will not ever watch tv or movies, but that I wont watch it all by myself. Somehow it seems a little more respectable when you are watching tv with someone else than all alone.

hike the appalachian trail

This January a few friends and I took a big road trip from Minnesota out to Providence, RI then up to Maine. In Maine we did some winter camping at Acadia, then spent two days on the AT. Short time on the AT, but it was great.

Sleep 8 hours every night
Close enough

I think I am close enough to sleeping 8 hours a night to call this an accomplished goal. Not every night, but I sleep as much as I need and that is good enough for me.

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