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How to restore our new appartment in one month with the budget we have
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prepare beuatifully enough Xmas for my toddler
great Xmas

This year everything went smoothly – despite a lot of work I had to do, there was no stress and no pressure. I deliberately decided to skip the big cleaning, and did not worried about special decorations (the one from the last year was still ok), so we baked together with my toddler son some gingerbread and a lot of other easy made cookies.
And the day went great, we had snow, all arrangements went in very relaxed manner. He even enjoyed our traditional Xmas soup (which was quite hot and sour) and endured the whole dinner at the table.
but the best part, of course, was the joy after seeing the presents. He did not know what to expect of that strange decorated tree in the corner of the room and now there they were – big colourful boxes :-)
Even one would be enough, but it was hard to keep down one´s own enthusiasm for buying him something special.
(The goal for next year will be to keep the count of all the presents down to max. 3 – including all visitors and grandparents.)

spend a night outside

it was quite difficult for the first time and surprisingly, it is not getting any easier (I was like 4 times for night out since my baby was born).
but I totally enjoyed it, while it lasted, altough the sleep pattern seemed to perfectly copy the one I left home with his dad…

find mom-mate (read all 2 entries…)
mom mates all around, but few soul mates

it came to me that it is much easier to find mom-mates once your child starts to walk and thus you can attend playgrounds.
we found many mates, but each suited only for some sort of activities. but still, it is getting better and better and our social life is expanding.
and what´s more: my best friend is expecting so I can expect to have mom-mate soon enough :-)

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