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  1. 1. lose weight
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  2. 2. To live instead of exist
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  3. 3. Move to New York City
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  4. 4. have no regrets
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  5. 5. Learn Spanish
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  6. 6. love
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  7. 7. survive
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  8. 8. Simplify.
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  9. 9. visit all 50 states
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  10. 10. sleep normal people hours (stop staying up so damn late, and sleeping all day..)
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  11. 11. learn to dance
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  12. 12. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
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  13. 13. Get a tattoo
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  14. 14. go to nyu
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  15. 15. Be an extra in a movie
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  16. 16. get a tan
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  17. 17. go to a concert
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Move to New York City
fo sho

My dad took me to New York back in ‘05 when I was 12. It was amazing. I saw the Goblet of Fire premier. Something I love about New York is that everything happens there. Bands go there for tours, celebs live there, and theres tons of things to do. I guess it would be hard. My parents told me that. We live in Minnesota and they’re a little afraid of me moving there. I am too. But I guess it’s something I’d have to just get used to. Anyways, I plan on going to NYU, which is gonna be tough to get in to. I don’t even know what I want to be yet. In a way i’m kind of intimidated by it all because it’s so big and wonderful and pretty but i would definitely love to be a part of it.

get better at DDR

I’ve been using DDR 3 and i can beat all of the songs on standard and some on expert. i just bought DDR 4 and now i need to unlock a ton of new songs teehee. Will keep me busy for a while.

lose weight

I’ve lost about 5 pounds in a month. Ahhh. Oh well I’ll keep trying.


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