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  1. 1. Take more pictures
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  2. 2. learn more tagalog
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  3. 3. learn uyghur
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  4. 4. practice my Spanish
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  5. 5. improve my Hebrew
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How I did it
How to restore a classic car
It took me
1 year
It made me

How to listen
It took me
5 years
It made me

How to discover my love language
It took me
7 days
It made me
Self assured

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restore a classic car
Making an old Chevy look new

I put together a ‘62 and ‘65 Impala,
Now I want to finish a ‘58 covertible.
It can take a lot of time getting parts, so it’s good to join a club or find forums and magazines for the information you need. It takes patience, money and time. When it’s finished it is usually well worth it!

practice my Spanish
Solo se unas quantos palabras in Espanol

I want to grow my Spanish vocalulary
Asi es como es

learn uyghur
Crossing Bridges

Bir erkixi pekhet ozining ayalining dimigen sozlirini quxengende andin hekhikhi toy khilghan bolidu.
I want to enhance my uyghur to this level..

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