I'm doing 3 things

How I did it
How to find from everywhere and recycle 100 plastic bottles in 10 days
It took me
10 days
It made me
feel good

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Take 200 black and white photos of everythnig
500 B&W photos

I’m planing on taking 500 photos of everything and anything. I’ve always love black and white photos they seem to bee more relaxing to the eyes. I really love looking at old black and white photos because there is much more in a black and white photo to see then in a full colour one for me.

do more for others then I do for my self
Do more for others

this will be hard to do but at the end of the day there’s people out there that need help. its good to give as much as you can in this world we all live in. one of the most powerful things in this WORLD is LOVE. Love is the key to everything around us and every one.
with out love there is no others to help you have to love to be ale to help. so I’m going to be positive about this powerful LOVE and try and find my way how I can do more for others then I do for my self.

Be much more positive!

to be positive and negative at the same time is imposable. no man can be positive all the time but you can train your self to be most of the time in your life.

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