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  1. 1. pay off my HDTV
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  2. 2. lose weight
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  3. 3. go to las vegas
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  4. 4. Take a picture everyday
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  5. 5. Complete Project 365 for 2008
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  6. 6. have my own darkroom
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have my own darkroom
New to darkroom and loving it!

I started getting into photography more seriously in early 2007 (Canon Digital Rebel XTi). Now I’m taking a 35mm film photography class at the local college. It includes a darkroom component (black and white photography), and I’m in love! I’d like to set up a home darkroom this year.

Good luck, everybody! :)

Complete Project 365 for 2008
I'm trying!

Work has made it tough, but I’m determined to post as many photos as possible in my first attempt at Project 365.

My photos are here:

and the stories behind them are here:


Good luck, everyone!

Take a picture everyday
Project 365

I started Project 365 for 2008. I’ve missed a handful of days already, mainly during the week when my work schedule is too hectic to stop and smell the roses (or snap a photo of them). I’m determined to finish the year with as many photos as I can manage, though! I’m posting my Project 365 photos to:

and I’m blogging about the stories behind the photos at:


I want to:
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