sunny days all year long...

Figure out what i want to do in life

I am 29 and still completely clueless about what I am going to do with my life. As long as you are busy with something that you like.

wear sunscreen
protect yourself!

no to skin cancer!

learn how to type fast without looking at the keyboard
how to

At the moment I am doing a free web course in typing.
I am improving day by day!

Stop Drinking Alcohol
detoxing helps...!

After 10 years of steady drinking on parties, bars, restaurants, holidays, dinners, terraces, and so on.. I tried a few times to quit. I always failed. Until I started with a detoxing process that took me 10 days of none drinking and non eating. Only lemon juice, maple syrup, tea. Very hardcore indeed, but it helped me to stop drinking, already after a few days I felt very good! And after 10 days, no more alcohol again. I am not saying for good, but why go back. :)

learn to write with my left hand
train the left side of my brain

I am right handed and want to improve my logical reasoning skills.
Not sure if this will do the trick. But anyways fun to learn.



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