Learn a martial art
I've started this already

I’m going to classes in taijutsu, and enjoying it despite the slight nervewrackingness of class with only guys, most much larger than I am. It’s giving me focus to work on my fitness and become more aware of my body.

get more RAM

This was worth doing - my computer feels so much happier now - but oh, the terror I had during installation! My new RAM and my old RAM disliked each other, and I had blue screen after blue screen on my first restart. I’m now running with only the new RAM, and kind of unsure that I haven’t damaged it. So, um, warning to those planning to do this: be really careful about buying and installing!

learn python (read all 2 entries…)
RSS reader

Yesterday I wrote some plan-notes for an RSS reader in Python. I need some project to focus my learning of Python, and I use RSS a lot, fairly idiosyncratically, and no RSS reader really suits me enough that I’m happy with it. So, what better way to stretch my Pythoning abilities? Let’s see how it goes.

learn python (read all 2 entries…)
Learning Python

I’ve been reading the book “Learning Python” from O’Reilly, and well, I’d almost learn Python just for the sake of using this book for it; it’s the first computer book I’ve read in years that I’ve really been interested by. Python itself is fascinating; I love that I’ve already been able to write actual useful programs for a few random small tasks I wanted to automate. Programming languages haven’t been this useful to me since back in the days when I used Basic on 80s computers.

read all of Kabuki
David Mack's Kabuki

I started reading David Mack’s Kabuki comic series a few months back, drawn to it by friends praising it, and by the beautiful art. I’ve read three of the trade paperbacks, and am very much looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

complete ADoM

I’ve been playing Adom: for a good while now. It’s a roguelike, so I have to start the game again each time I die; I’ve got a reasonable distance in some games, and I’d like to reach the end of it some time. It’s good just to play, though.

watch all the Buffy episodes

I’ve done this, and I’d do it again happily. I loved this show.

use Opera

Brilliant browser that’s now ad-free. I’ve customised it with the Strange Truth skin, and added many custom buttons and such to it (with the help of nontroppo’s wiki) and I could never go back to using Firefox or IE now.

learn to make jewellery

Spent some time this evening playing with the wire I bought on Tuesday. I can make loops, and coils! Enjoying this, and I’ve enough wire to stop myself worrying about using it up “doing nothing”.



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