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is working and dreaming...yet again!

be happier, healthier, and more productive!
sort of there...

can’t say happier, somewhat healthier most of the time, but def more productive! taking online courses, opened a store, lots of side work, and working on another film/tv project. almost too much productivity! i need sleep…

to advance my graphic design skill within the next 8 months (read all 3 entries…)
halfway there...

so i’m a little behind with this, but at least it’s happening. I am currently doing graphics on a TV pilot for ABC and on March 25th I start a certificate program with SCAD for Digital Publishing. I would say I am well on my way!

create a tshirt line (read all 2 entries…)
got some ideas

i got some ideas and have them laid out in illustrator. i also have my YUDO machine but I just have yet to find time to learn how to use it and get some shirts printed. i plan to do that after this show, in like 2-3 weeks.

get back into shape

so this coincides with my wanting to become a vegetarian and being successful with it…3 years this december!

anyway. in my discontinuing of meat i also exercised a lot and lost 35 lbs in just under a year. i have now gained 10 back over the past 2 years. i know its not much and it was over 2 years time, but i feel like if i don’t do something NOW, it will just get worse. i can’t be like that again. i see pics of myself and just hate the way i looked. i must get back on track!

Move to New York (read all 2 entries…)
life and changes

i dunno what is going on anymore. its just a month away from my november plan of “one year” and i am not moving to nyc…at least not next month. i don’t know what to say. we had set a date of this coming may, but now that is scratched due to having to sign a one year lease on a new place. we had to move tho, i couldnt stand the place i was in before. and if you notice, i said “we”. i am in a relationship now and thankfully he is just as into moving to nyc as i am. the may plan would have fit in well with the spring, me finishing this job, and my bf wanting to start up school in nyc. but now with the lease, im not sure. we have fallen in love with our new place in new orleans. so now we are talking about possibly going to nyc to live for a month or 2 next year. give it a big test run…and not lose our wonderful new house here. but who knows…my plans and life change monthly.

to advance my graphic design skill within the next 8 months (read all 3 entries…)
it's been a while...

so i haven’t visited this site in a while but i am making it my new goal to do so. i HAVE advanced my graphic design skills to some extents. enough to now have 2 film jobs under my belt! i am currently coordinating again but having 2 credits on my resume as a graphic artist will help me be able to get into graphics again after this job. i just wanted something longer this time..the other 2 were short jobs, altho the $ was nice.

become a graphic designer in the film industry (read all 2 entries…)
I did it!

FINALLY got another opportunity and I was able to take it! I am starting week 3 tomorrow. It’s not a long design job but it’s still a graphic design job! its a medium budget film and so far the work load isnt too intense so i would say it’s the perfect start. Hopefully this leads to more!

Move to New York (read all 2 entries…)
goal = a year or less

so in november i said i was moving to NY. in december i spent 4 days there taking in the best holiday ever in the great city. in december i decided i was DEFINITELY moving there. got a lot to do to prepare. im worried most about finding work and an apartment that’s not scary. i don’t want a roommate, im so over roommates. im hoping to find a sublet that is roommate free at first, then get my own place. my 3rd worry is my car. i got a new car in august and just LOVE my car. i dont want to let it go. i am hoping things work out to where i can take it with me. but i dont know…so much to think about!

Become a vegetarian (read all 6 entries…)
Just made 2 years!

I made 2 years vegetarian on January 1st, 2011! So today makes it 2 years and 1.5 months! It’s just so easy for me now. Once I got going, it just became 2nd nature! And I am still keeping off the 30 lbs i lost…although i am now attempting to lose 10 more by May :)

to advance my graphic design skill within the next 8 months (read all 3 entries…)
have not done....YET!

ok i need to roll this one over to my 2011 list. but this time, i need to achieve it! i was offered a job as a graphic designer but had to turn it down in order to keep the great job i was already on. SUCKED but i think i made the right choice. i just hope the opportunity comes up again. i dont think i was ready anyway. but now it the time to GET READY!

go to new york for new years eve 2009/10
maybe i should change this goal...

...because i am going to new york in july! i was feeling stuck in a rut and in need of some change/inspiration. so i got a friend all hyped up too and now we are taking a road trip up to new york after i am done this job!

Become a vegetarian (read all 6 entries…)
90 Days Veggie!

YAY!!! Tomorrow makes 90 days I have been a vegetarian! I am even back at work and still have stuck to it. I haven’t exactly had the time to work out (working 5-6 days a week, 12 hours a day takes it out of ya) but I have lost a total of 13lbs. I am happy with what I have accomplished and will continue to mark my milestones!

Become a vegetarian (read all 6 entries…)
50 days

I have been a vegetarian for 50 days now. I am doing so much better than i ever have before. I also walk 3 times a week, 3 miles each time. So far I have lost 11 lbs.

Become a vegetarian (read all 6 entries…)
20 days and counting

So today is day 20 of my new found vegetarianism. Aside from no meat, I am also trying to just be healthier in general and exercise when I can. In the last 2 weeks I have lost 7 lbs :) that make’s me happiest. Aside from past failed attempts to be vegetarian, I also have many failed attempts to lose weight. I feel like this new way of eating is helping with that in a major way. I am still out of work so of course it’s been pretty easy to be both vegetarian and to find the time to exercise. Hopefully being that I am getting used to it all, I can continue once I am working again.

Become a vegetarian (read all 6 entries…)
tomorrow is the day

i decided to make my 3rd attempt to become a vegetarian my new year’s resolution. it’s been hard to stick to on so many levels. i am from new orleans and just LOVE food so much it’s hard to stop eating something i have been eating for 28 years. but it’s not like i eat steaks every other day either. in fact i go days without meat…but it’s hard when i am working or traveling. all those fast food places listed online that serve veggie burgers either don’t exist in louisiana OR just dont carry the veggie burger. and with work i get free lunch but sometimes that means a catered spread of various items mostly containing meat.

it’s also hard when i am out of work and low on money. when someone is feeding me (like family or friends who cook or treat me to dinner) it’s hard to not take free food when i am so broke. and sometimes i don’t have much of a veggie choice in the matter.

and then there is my self control. been dealing with lack of it for years now. that may be my biggest problem. but i want to work on that. i want to not just become a vegetarian for animals and my respect for them…but do it for myself and my health

visit Los Angeles
hope to before the summer

i am broke right now BUT my sister’s bf lives near LA and my sister goes out there (infact she is there as i type this) so i would have a place to crash and would POSSIBLY not have to even rent a car. another option even more close is that my sister works in las vegas from time to time and the flight from my home to vegas is only $200 round trip! so i could go to vegas and then hitch a ride to LA with them (4 hour drive). we will see. it has been in the plans for months now…but i want to do it BEFORE THE SUMMER!

become a graphic designer in the film industry (read all 2 entries…)
another half done goal

so i already work in the film industry. have been for 3 years now. i work in the art department as i always wanted. BUT i am not a graphic designer. i started as an assistant and now i am a coordinator…i pretty much track the budget…not exactly creative. i freelance graphic design when i can on the side but i can’t seem to establish myself like i want nor do i have that home based business kind of savy. i want to be a graphic designer in the film industry.

Become a vegetarian (read all 6 entries…)

i love animals. i love them and have so much compassion for them. to prove my love and dedication to all animal wellbeing, i want to be a vegetarian. BUT alas, as with most other things i attempt to do, i become lazy and/or distracted. i start it and never stay with it. i generally last 2-3 weeks. mind you i keep no meat in my home…it’s just being at work or on the run or whatnot, i have so much trouble sticking to it. i think i am seriously going to try in 2009. if i only eat meat 1-2 times a week anyway, why can’t i stop those couple times?! i love animals! some day i would love to become vegan…but lets start slow…

create a tshirt line (read all 2 entries…)

designing to me can do so many things and be so many things. i have thousands of ideas but never seem to finalize many of them. one of my ideas is to create a tshirt line. i have designs i have made and at the time of conception i love what i have done…but then upon returning and looking over the design i always change my mind about it. i need to come up with an overall concept of related ideas and lay them out. i am sloppy and never seem to finish my thoughts.

that’s all for now.



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