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A new airport

Yay! I’m all checked out at a new airport. Nice aircraft, nice owner/manager and nice facilities. Next flight, 2 weeks! And finally my husband will be up in the front with me, instead of in the back as ballast :)

keep flying (read all 4 entries…)
It's about time

ok, so this week i FINALLY got my butt back out to the airport with the push from my husband. I’m really glad he pushed me because i’d forgotten how fun it is to just fly… how easy it is to make excuses to NOT do things that might get us in to an uncomfortable situation, be it a place, or in this case, running into a person with whom I did not wish to see. Luckily that person was no where to be found, and the evening flight was fabulous! smooth, clear and cool. A perfect way to end the day, doing what I love with the one I love.

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getting there

so i’ve done a lot of reading and i’ve finally started to get pencil onto paper. my mother in law is an artist and she’s been great to help me see ‘what’s not quite right’ in my words.

my proudest finished products include an empty wine glass, a planter box and my foot, although i made my toes rather stubby… i also did a drinking glass that i’m not ashamed to show my friends.

i still need to committ time more regularly to this. maybe there is some talent hidden in me after all…

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