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Explore Technorati and learn how to tags work with blog posts.

I’d been curious for some time about Technorati and the Learning 2.0 project gave me the needed push to spend some time there. I claimed and tagged both my Something New Every Day and my Learner 2.0 blogs.

Take a look at some online productivity (word processing, spreadsheet) tools.

Last night I played with Writely. Many people at MPOW complain about not being able to transfer files between the two separate networks in our building. Using Writely can solve that for us. I need to look more at the collaborative tools.

Have some Flickr fun by discover some 3rd party sites.
3rd party sites

I used Flickr toys to create a motivational poster and a trading card with photos from my Flickr photostream. It would be fun to use the trading card in addition to, or in place of, my traditional business card.

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