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  1. 1. lose ten pounds
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  2. 2. travel to India
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  3. 3. feel better about myself
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lose ten pounds (read all 2 entries…)

i sort of slipped up yesterday when i visited my boyfriend, ate a breakfast sandwich AND had a big bowl of pasta for dinner, but i walked my dog for an hour today and am having lots and lots of water, had a salad & a tortilla today, plus… no coffee!!!

good luck over xmas everyone!

lose ten pounds (read all 2 entries…)
just starting!

im just trying to actually go through with this goal, its hard for me to stay motivated but, i get so down on myself for the extra weight that id really like to be able to do it this time so im not so miserable every time ilook in the mirror! I’ve been walking my dog, eating more fruits & veggies and decreasing portion sizes, hopefully that helps! I think this site & blogging will help too… wish me luck!


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