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one down… Just waiting on the chance to run pick up a copy of the second one :)

eliminate select people from my life for 30 days and determine if they actually need to be part of my life (read all 2 entries…)
4 years later..

So, since the Mike fiasco I have grown as a person, and learned that my happiness should not depend on anyone but myself. Mike and I managed to create space and become better friends from it later on. I still felt like he was dragging me down though and moved on. After that, I had a long, drawn out 3 year abusive relationship which left me in shambles and raising a child by myself. Now, 30+ days later from him… I’ve let go and moved on. There’s no need to let anyone drag you down.. Including the people that you love without the return of said love.

Make it ONE DAY without the TV on
70+ hrs/week of work =

That’s right. Immersing myself in work has paid off tremendously. Also, moving in with my grandmother helped out with the goal more than anything. I no longer have the time to watch tv, and I have gone way more than 1 day without tv. At this point, it makes me wonder what I was thinking when I made this a goal. Obviously, it used to be a problem…

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