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go zip-lining
A fun idea, but...

...at some point, I have to acknowledge reality. I mean, I’m not crazy about amusement park rides, I have anxiety issues sometimes, and I’ve now been in two situations where I could have done this and didn’t. I think I like the idea of this goal more than I actually want to do it—it’s something that sounds like fun, but in hindsight, I don’t think I, personally, would really find it that fun. (shrug)

ride a horse again

It was just a trail ride (and only the second time I’d been on a horse), but I enjoyed doing it again. If you’re ever on Kauai (Hawaii), Silver Falls Ranch is great. :)

Write every day
Something else that helps...

... is to figure out your best time for writing and, if at all possible, arrange your schedule to have that time available. (For me, it tends to be late afternoon/early evening.) And if you skip more than one day, it’s really hard to get going again.

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