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lose weight (read all 3 entries…)

A few years ago, I gained a lot of weight. Over about a year’s time, I lost about 40 lbs of it, and I have kept it off. Yay!

I would like to lose about 25 more. In the last month, I’ve lost 4 pounds.

I eat reasonably healthy (i.e. I try to be conscious BUT pizza happens; tofu doesn’t) but introducing more exercise has really been helping. The elliptical and I have been seeing a lot of each other.

learn to cook. Really cook.

This thing seems like a lifelong endeavor!

I have a few cookbooks and I haunt the blog www.smittenkitchen.com. A couple of days ago I made gnocchi and chicken sausage in a tomato cream sauce…

...so, progress! (From being able to make…sandwiches.)

find a church home (read all 3 entries…)

I’ve found a place I like that I’ve been going to for a little over a year. I want to become a member and make that commitment but I just get a little skittish. What does being a member of a church mean? What will I bring to the community? What will the community bring to me?

...I need to get over my commitment-phobia, but I’m not sure how.

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