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make my own myspace myspace layout

Ok so I have made my own layout for myspace, and I enjoyed doing and I love others complementing on it! =)

check it out feel free to add me….....but Its private so send me a message saying your on here and you want to see it and Ill add you!


do scrapbooking
I'm an avid scrapbooker

This is totally worth doing!! Trust me you will so much better about yourself when you do this!!

sell or give away books I don't want to keep
Tons of books

Okay so Ive went to most of the sites listed to sell a bunch of my books. But its seems as though they dont want my books? What is the deal. Does anyone know of anywhere better to try to sell them! I have way more than I need, and of course after I read them, I have no use for them. Thanks

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