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build my own home in the country
Build an eco-friendly country retreat

I want to build my own home in the country with its own green power supply and self sufficient water systems. Somewhere to escape to on the weekend or when work becomes too much. Somewhere Quiet.

Lose 10 kilos
Exercise your ass off

I’ve always been an active person, playing water polo since High School. But this just wasn’t enough.

I’m a very tall person, so the weight doesn’t show too much, but Chances are I weigh twice what you do. I’ve lost 15 kilograms, and I hope to lose about another 15. That would still make me obese according to the BMI, but that just shows what rubbish the BMI is anyway.

I weigh 151 Kilograms. Do you feel better about your weight now?

Since January I’ve been going to the Gym on average about three times a week. I’ve also taken up Baseball again which I dropped as a kid. It makes you run a lot, which is great for the physique. I haven’t consciously changed my diet, but I guess the whole Gym thing has effected me because I do Subway more often and McDonalds less often.

Apart from these occasional foods, I’ve always cooked for myself a fair bit, and I’ve never eaten that much red meat. I don’t like condaments, so dressing isn’t an issue.

I guess I’ve just been overweight because of comfort foods like potato chips and soda. Also I have a poor sense of when I’m hungry and when not (unless I’m starving), and I have an iron constitution, so I never feel sick or nauseous.

So if you’re looking for advice to lose weight, the answer is regular exercise (see sweat and exertion as a good thing). Find a sport you’re good at and you enjoy (the first night I trained for water polo I broke the goals with a shot at the bar).

Don’t go mental with diets, just change what you eat at a comfortable pace. Learn to love foods without sauce (I’m lucky in that my favorite burger from McDonalds has always been Fillet ‘o’ Fish WITHOUT sauce (That’ll be a 4 & 1/2 minute wait…)), which is probably the healthiest of a bad lot.

If you find it hard to change, then heed these two words: EAT LESS. Eat what you like, but eat less of it, don’t even get to where you feel full. Save the rest for tomorrow. Don’t be scared of wasting food to spoilage, as its you who suffers…

And good luck!

get a degree
You get out of Uni what you put in.

I finished my BA with Honours in 2003.

It was difficult at times, easy at others, exciting, boring, everything…

I learned that the more you put into University, the more you get out of it. Study hard, build on your existing knowledge, improve your writing style, and it will all pay off. I did the degree to improve myself, and it has become a benefit in ways I could never have previously appreciated.

All in all, as just about everyone I did honours with moved onto study their Masters Degree or PhD, I probably didn’t get the most out of the Honours year. I think I was ready for something new.

Getting employment after an Arts degree was hard. I wasn’t willing to work in my previous field of I.T., and it was only with the offer from an old friend that I finally did get a job. Most employers seem to view BA Hons as a detraction.

I’ve been working since May 2004 and I’ve just put a deposit on an apartment. For the first year I worked in HR at a car parts assembler which has since skulked off to China. Now I’m furthering my career at a large Cable TV provider.

I’ve also returned to Uni part time, doing a Law degree. I’ve learned that work and Uni don’t mix.


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