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  1. 1. travel to another country
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  2. 2. Make it to my 99th Birthday!
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travel to another country
My Dream Vacation

1.Start from Phoenix, Az. Take Airplane to Exeter, Devon UK England and Sightsee.
2.Drive from Airport in Exeter, England to London, England which is 171.5 miles.
3.After sightseeing in London, Drive North to Glasgow, England which is 403 miles.
4.After sightseeing in Glasgow, Drive South again, this time along the coastline to Stranraer 56 miles.
5.Take Belfast/Stranraer Ferry to Belfast Ireland. (Round Trip is $390.60)
6.Drive South from Belfast Ireland to Dublin Ireland which is 100 miles.
7.Drive to the West 160 miles to Cork, where the Cork International Airport is.
8.Finish Sightseeing, then when done take flight home to Phx, Az.


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