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  1. 1. Find my purpose in life
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  2. 2. take more photographs
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  3. 3. write a novel
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  4. 4. write a book and have it published
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  5. 5. Lose 30 pounds
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  6. 6. become a motivational speaker
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  7. 7. go on a date
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  8. 8. chase a tornado
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  9. 9. Buy a House
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Recent entries
Buy a House

I really have my mind set on buying a house or even property to build a home on within the next few years…My dream house would be a modern “old” Hawai’i plantation looking home. I just hope that the real estate will slow down a little soon. Housing here in Hawaii is off the wall…At the rate things are going, an old shack will be going for a million dollars soon…crazy!

chase a tornado

I was watching footage of tornado chasers the other night and thought it was an extreme rush. I’ve never seen a tornado in my life, but I bet if I seen it in person it would be pretty kewl…It’s just unfortunate that it does some mean damage.


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