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understand myself

Maybe it takes my lifetime to realize this goal.
Maybe that’s part of the reason for why I live.
Maybe I can never totally understand myself because i’m changing everyday, just like the world.

travel around the world (read all 3 entries…)
i've just come back!

It is my first trip to Europe.This time I went to Rome, Florence, Venice, Munich, Luzern, Geneve, Paris and Vienna. My aunt, Mom and I joined a 48-people-group and spent 12 days traveling 7 countries.

be an artist

I want to be an artist. Though i never have professional training, i think i can learn it by myself. I’ll study architecture in college, I think architecture-desighing is a kind of art,too. And i can learn some basic painting skills in this course. I’m going to take the first step toward my goal!

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