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Start running
Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I start running

I’ve never, ever been a runner, but it’s probably the best exercise for me because it requires relatively little time to get a good workout. I would love to be cycling regularly again, but it quickly becomes a day-consuming activity in order to make it challenging. Considering that I’m working a full-time job, a part-time job, and doing a bunch of freelance design work, time is very scarce.

Here’s the plan: follow Cool Running’s couch-to-5k plan so that I’m running 5k three times a week in 9 weeks. Once that’s done, I’ll consider adding either yoga or weights on the other two weekdays. The last step would be to add a long-ish bike ride or hike on the weekend.

My reward for sticking with the running? A shiny new Mac mini that I can turn into a home media center.

Ride in the Acura LA Bike Tour

I not only want to ride in the bike tour, but also walk in the LA marathon immediately afterward. I was inspired by Will Campbell of Blogging.LA (, who did this (and moblogged it) in 2005:


I want to:
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