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1st pack updates and more

Well , I must apologise for not really being present to update my profile as to my status of my goal, but I guess someone really special had me running scared and to her, my diamond girl, I apologise.

Anyways updates – I bought my first pack a while ago and have now reached a point where I am able to smoke between 12 – 15 cigarettes a day.

I love it and its quite calming when I am stressed out.

I would love to try exploring the sexual aspects of cigarette smoking. :) Anyone up for the call :P

Well to my freinds in arms on here who have eithered cheered me or assisted in my goal—cheers back at ya :)

lets do more talkin ya

start smoking (read all 2 entries…)

Well screw the health experts, I know its wrong but it’s an erotic turn on. I have smoked BUT the odd times, like perhaps 7 to 10 in my life so far BUT I want to get addicted to it. I want to be able to smoke as much or as little as I chose to but perhaps my goal is to be around a pack a day when finally addicted to cigarette smoking. I get a hard on and the best part is when I do have sex, I last a heck of a lot longer while smoking during the act. My search to find a female companion who enjoys smoking and enocurages it still continues.


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