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  1. 1. learn german
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    5,463 people
  2. 2. work harder
    335 people
  3. 3. learn Russian
    2,819 people
  4. 4. see the northern lights
    19,131 people
  5. 5. visit new york
    1,616 people
  6. 6. pass the driving test
    16 people
  7. 7. Be more efficient when working
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    575 people
  8. 8. Learn another language
    4,243 people
  9. 9. Save money
    16,488 people
  10. 10. travel to iceland
    428 people
  11. 11. be more fashionable
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    196 people
Recent entries
ruby on rails
Learned Rails, made a website

I learned Ruby on Rails and made a website with it. It was difficult for me to learn but now that I know it, it is so easy to use. In case you’re curious.. the site is http://pfash.com

be more fashionable
Website to help with the goal

In my quest to be more fashionable and help others do the same, I created a website for people to upload their outfits and give each other fashion feedback. You should try it out!


Be more efficient when working

I have been immensely frustrated lately with my lack of efficiency.


I want to:
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