go to amsterdam
Sometime Soon!

My boyfriend and I have been talking about going to Amsterdam for ages.. We’re getting more serious about it so hopefully we’ll be there sometime soon!

try mescaline
Got It :)

Can’t wait to try it!

learn to SCUBA dive
In at the deep end

I’ve dived before, but only PADI Discover Dives so I’ve never really learnt how to do it for myself although I guess I know the basics. It’s something I really want to learn to do for myself, I love the feeling of being amongst everything that goes on under the sea. I’m going to Thailand in July to volunteer on a Marine Conservation Project for the month and as part of it I get my PADI Advance Open Water. I’m really excited, I’m trying to swim more to build up my strength so I can focus on what’s going on down there rather than floundering around a bit before I get into it. I’m kind of nervous but I guess that’s to be expected.. Even still, I’m extremely excited.

meditate daily
Retreat Preparation and General Mindfulness

I meditate fairly regularly but not as much as I’d like. I want to try and allow myself 15 minutes every more to just sit down and meditate before I start my day. I’m going on a 10 Day Silent Meditation Retreat in Thailand in August and really want to get myself mentally prepared for it as I’ve never done anything like it before. I get so much out of meditation, I really want to start making it a natural habit rather than something I have to remind myself to do.

have better posture
Really Trying Now

I’ve known I’ve had bad posture for a long time and if someone points it out to me I try to make a genuine effort to sit up straight more. I just haven’t really had the willpower to be vigilant with myself about it. I really want to start trying now though. I’m meditating a lot and am preparing for a 10 day meditation retreat in Thailand. It would help me a lot if I could make sitting up straight a natural thing to ease the occasional pain in my back when meditating. Here goes!



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