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take a vipassana retreat

Unless my work situation changes in 2012, I don’t think this is possible with time off this year. Shooting for 2013.

volunteer regularly
Doing this

I was required to do volunteer service as part of my TT; and currently my service is a donation based workshop on self-practice that I give monthly at the studio where I teach. In discussion r.e. picking up prison yoga class in the spring.

Join the Peace Corps

Just reached the point at which we can apply. Re-evaluate upon return from India and possibly submit application in April.

Get out of debt by the end of 2011 (read all 8 entries…)

Completed Auto payoff in July 2011; Student Loans is the last chunk and that’s been on hold (i.e., just making regular payment) through the end of 2011 and currently as we traveled and began work on our house to get it ready to sell. Plan to pay this off (aggressive timeline, possibly dependent on house sale) by the end of 2012.

learn a foreign language

Began w/ a Pimsleur course in January 2012

Get out of debt by the end of 2011 (read all 8 entries…)
End of year update!

Consumer Debt = DONE. Although it became more and more inevitable, we’ve lived through enough unexpected turns to not count it a done deal until it was, well, done! I consider this one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. In a way I guess that’s sort of sad, but you’d have to know all the history and time and trial that went into building this monster and it’s stagnation. The time, commitment and hard work it’s taken to get to this point is something that I’m really proud of. We’ve come a LONG way.

Auto Loan = So close. With luck, it will be killed off by April.

Student Debt = Last chunk. College loans plus my YTT. Will be paid off This YEAR. Shooting for this goal whether or not we sell the house. It’s doable.

House = No plans to pay off. Plan to sell.

Sell the house in 2012
Despite the market...

It could happen. If we focus our efforts and have some well-timed luck? Stranger things have happened! Realizing this goal would be such a boost on our path that I’m willing to shoot for it. Hell, I’m willing to do just about anything short of taking a loss.

Get out of debt by the end of 2011 (read all 8 entries…)
Bumping up the timeframe

Because, if we do sell the house in 2011, it’s feasible that we MIGHT pay everything off early. And I’m all for shooting for a difficult but possible mark here. Especially if it gets us to zero debt in about one more year. It’s not even going to be a possibility if I’m scared to say it out loud. So I’m saying it.

Reclaim all the yarn from sweaters I have slated for recycling

File Under: Declutter

Practice Photography (read all 2 entries…)
Revision - From Complete a YIP project to Practice Photography

I want this to be more about the learning, documenting and seeing than the accomplishment.

Update family/friend photos on the walls, etc. at home
On Hold

On Hold – if we’re planning on selling the house it doesn’t make sense to print & frame more photos.

ride in a hot air balloon (read all 2 entries…)

I’m not so sure I want to do this anymore. It’s just not holding the same excitement & pull for me anymore. I’d be as or more happy viewing the world from the top of a challenging hike than from a balloon. Maybe “attend a hot air balloon festival” would be sufficient. Or maybe just seeing one from not-so-far away would be sufficient.

Knit for each member of my family

Nieces & Nephews/Cousins children
Friends as family

practice yoga consistently (read all 5 entries…)
It's been @ 8 months

And part of me still fears falling off the wagon. I have never in my life been this consistently disciplined about anything except basic hygiene (and maybe not even that!) I was sick last week and there was a day that I could only manage my pranayama&sitting practice, and a quick head&shoulderstand. This was my shortest practice in months and it just felt odd… I’ve taken it on the road with me to Washington DC, Black Mountain and the beach. It’s a strange paradox – there are some moments where I feel like it’s not such a big deal and somehow (this sounds very weird, even to me) that it’s not all my own effort, there’s a momentum or something that is slightly out of my control… Other times it feels like seriously hard work and I marvel at how far I’ve come. Like this morning, when I fought getting out of bed so hard – harder than I have in ages. Most mornings I don’t stay in bed long enough to catch that moment of resistance, I wake up and I’m moving before I can argue. I did get out of bed, but it was hard, and I recognized that this has been a big life change, a big effort.

I began a teacher training program in September, more for my own education than to teach (although I think I would like to teach, someday), and now I am required to practice each day. To be honest, this would have been too much of an adjustment for me if I weren’t already doing it – and also, my auto-rebel would surely have kicked in. I see other people in my group thriving on this assignment as motivation – but I fought my own self on this for years, I would have surely fought a teacher even more vehemently. Funny. ;)

I plan to keep goal up through my training, even though all logic & reason tells me this should be a habit by now. I think I want the visual reminder that this is a priority that I make room for. And also to know that once I complete my training I won’t rebel by sleeping in for a week! ;)

Take a big trip in 2011 (read all 2 entries…)
Reclassing for 2011/Redefining from "PLAN" to "TAKE"

This original goal was actually completed (“Plan a big trip in 2010”), however, in a tiny fit of irony, we were not able to go at the last minute. Our pup was getting checked out prior to boarding her for the time that we planned to be gone – and we had the vet look at a persistent limp while she was there – which turned out to need surgery, and we just couldn’t swing both. I can’t even complain about it, because it seems ridiculous. We can afford expensive surgery for our dog! Norway hasn’t floated away, and we have an itinerary which we can update and modify for next year.

practice yoga consistently (read all 5 entries…)
Practicing on the road...

I definitely consider this a successful shift if I’m carrying my mat & journal on the road :) We roadtripped to DC this weekend to spend time with my brother who was in town for work – I did a full asana practice (45min-1hr) yesterday morning and a light one this morning. I wasn’t even really tempted to skip it despite some late nights – I KNEW I needed it and would feel and function better with practice than without. Good stuff.

Write a little every day (read all 2 entries…)
5 weeks

I’ve been writing daily for 5 weeks straight now & have filled almost 1/4 of my journal. I’ll call it a habit at 10 weeks :) Halfway there!

Practice Photography (read all 2 entries…)
@ 40% through!

I started this on a whim in January without thinking too much about it – after wanting to do one for a long time… I have not been able to keep up with uploading photos to Flickr, participating in a group and commenting on other’s photos, and am quite behind in saving, documenting dates and jotting notes about them, but somehow I’ve come much farther than I thought that I would – I have missed 3 or 4 days here or there, but I’m ok with that. It is completely satisfying my primary purpose of documenting the awesomeness in my life and the big changes that we’re going through. My secondary purpose was to increase my photography skills – I think that I may have to do another in the future more focussed on this purpose – I have definitely learned a little more about my camera, but I need focussed time to really improve here and it’s not as much of a priority at the moment as documenting is. We have so much going on right now I’m amazed that I’ve been able to keep up so well with just firing off a shot, and I’m really happy with that!

Write a little every day (read all 2 entries…)
Originally... "Write More"

I’ve been keeping a journal for the first time in my life (as in, I’ve written in it for more than 5 days running, an approximation of my previous record!) This is part of a class I’m taking and phew! was I skeptical at first. It’s not a ‘this is what happened today’ type of journal. It’s more of a ‘this is what I thought about today and how I felt about it’, ‘this is what I’m working on’, ‘this is what I’m grateful for’ type of journal. I’ve known for a long time that writing helps me to process my experiences and emotions, but bringing some consistency to the process has been awesome (if intense at times). I still write a lot outside my journal too – thoughts, draft blog posts, things that come up during the days, but I’m finding that writing first thing in the morning helps clear my head and prepare me for the day. I’m loving it and plan to make it a habit.

Take a big trip in 2011 (read all 2 entries…)

Norway. September, 2010!

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