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Get rid of the negative people in my life
My Tuition Student's Mom Is Hell Negative!!

What she did:
1. She bitched about her son. You know people like that, if they can bitch about their own child, they can bitch about anyone too! Obviously, she bitched about me, telling other parents about my bad things, making them cancel their classes with me.
2. She disrespect me as a tutor. Do I have to say this since it’s so apparent? She f###ing listened to her son’s complaints and straightaway called me and scolded me for no reason for several times. She did not even value my contributions all the while.
3. She acted like a King. She liked to call and ask for whatever subjects she wanted me or my friend to teach on that day. Even if I set the subjects to be taught, she tend to change them according to what she liked or what her “million dollar” son wanted.
4. She paid the same amount like others but asked for more. She wanted us to teach her son, and her son only, eventhough she knew we had many other students as well and we had no time to look at this king’s son whole day.
5. She dug out my personal lives. She checked out whether or not I went to uni, she found out where I worked as another part time job, she called during my working time to see what I was doing, she asked her son to ask for the truth about my personal lives.. WTH!!! Mind your own freaking business old lady!

Guys, tell me, if you were me, what would you do to this kinda people? I need your opinions because the tuition is still going on.


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