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find a cure for the borderline personality disorder
I just can't stand it anymore

My husband has the borderline disorder and it is a terrible thing to live with someone with this thing. Once, he realized that he had to search for help and went to a shrink, took a medicine for 2 or 3 days and…nevermore. I am looking for a natural healing. I know I will find it, even though perhaps I have to go away.
I wish that he can get rid of that before I leave. I expect to share the good news with everyone and help other people.

recognize my true vocation in life
enthusiasm !

Enthusiasm means “to be full of God” and I guess this is the feeling that someone has by doing the thing he/she was created to. I am on my way to recognize it…I have some clues.
I only know that is probably the meaning of being alive.
Good luck!

have more faith

I’ve known the effects of having faith and praying. I’m a witness, but even so, I need more discipline to pray the rosary everyday (it is SO powerful ! more than once a day is even better), cast away lazyness and sad past events, praise the good Lord and remember always the infinite love (that I’ve seen) of Christ and our merciful Mother.

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