make brendon urie of panic! at the disco fall in love with me

even though i dont want to do this
i hope it works out for all of yall(:

have more confidence in myself

i have some or atleast act like it. i guess it just depends on who im around
but i try!
i hope everyone gets it(:

Stop loving a guy who doesnt know what to do with his own life

the guy i like(liked) i told him that i just wanted to be friends bc he slept with his exgirlfriend when he was talking to me trying to date me. we had talked for over 3 months everynight on the phone. and he told me all this stuff about how he wouldnt date anyone and would try to make it up to me. but after that night he never called me again we still talked on fb and he told me about a week later that he was going to try dating other ppl. shockerr

Lose Weight and Get Healthy

i have started to do zumba dance and even though i am rather small i want to be healthier and a little more stronger. i hope the best for everyone trying to do the same(:



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