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About to live on my own!

After bouncing around for about four or five years living with questionable roommates in questionable situations, I am about six weeks away from FINALLY getting my own apartment and six weeks away from gaining total and utter independence.
I. CANNOT. WAIT!!! I have my roommate to thank though for being completely crappy to me, for lying to me and pretty much using my generosity to help her out. No more! I’m so excited about this I haven’t been able to sleep the last couple of weeks. And to think I’ve come this far all on my own with no help from my family. Not that it wasnt welcome, my family has been out of the picture for quite some time now so I’ve had to take care of myself and make sure I keep my job. It’s going to be a very rough, hard, penny-pinching, EXHILARATING journey, but I’ve earned this spot and I am going to enjoy it to the fullest. To anybody else who’s moving out soon, best wishes to you. The time is takes to get there will be that much better because you will have worked so hard for it. Good luck!
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