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learn more about Buddhism

More out of interest …...I am really not a person into religion yet every now and then i am pulled by sayings, beliefs from buddism and i feel the closest connection to this than any other. However to keep an open mind i believe that a person is not defined by religion and you are just simply you…...but learning is the key to becoming a better person .
I will start just reading and see how it goes !!!!!

create more

i work in a technical design role yet i am ‘trained ’ so to speak in fine art. I obtained my degree over 8 years ago ( although i do believe artists are from the heart and all that degrees do is help chanel that talent)
Like a lot of people after uni I got a bit sidetracked and went to where the money was so i could pay my bills etc and am now working in a commercial design role. After work i’m ready to drop and need that extra motivation to create my own work and move to the next level now i’m in a better position in my life.

Embrace my inner hippy

its true i like music that sounds totally spaced out, radomness…...........i have an interest in tarot, and totally dig alternative therapys …..i could go on…..being off the wall, being creative . I plan to just go with the flow more and love the things that make me quirky!!!

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