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  1. 1. learn to drive a motorcycle
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  2. 2. be an actress
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  3. 3. Be photographed
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  4. 4. take a photography class
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  5. 5. bowl better
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  6. 6. go tanning everyday
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  7. 7. start going to the gym
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  8. 8. buy new clothes
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  9. 9. learn to sing
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  10. 10. Learn to cook
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  11. 11. lose weight
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  12. 12. create something beautiful
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  13. 13. Make my family proud
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  14. 14. Get a tattoo
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  15. 15. go back to school
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  16. 16. get a job
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  17. 17. buy a car
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  18. 18. Buy a motorcycle
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  19. 19. only eat when I'm hungry
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Learn to drive a stick shift

My boyfriend had a junk manual car in his drive way that he had to get rid of. He brought it to his friends and it turned out to actually run. All they had to do was push start it. Turns out it was an easy fix and they had it starting fine.

I’ve had many dreams of driving a manual car but I had no car to learn on. Plus I just think it’s a lot more impressive if you have or can drive one.

Anyways I got in and I was very confident in myself. I did fine I didn’t stall. Starting and stoping was a sinch. I loved driving it and I plan on buying a manual car. It’s so exciting.

learn to drive a motorcycle

I asked my father to teach me to drive a motorcycle and he just acted like I was joking. I got somewhat annoyed and just figured he didn’t want me to get hurt. Ever since I asked him I’ve had dreams about riding. I wake up even more determined to learn than the pervious day. My boyfriend owns a bike and kind of offered to teach me but I’m nervous. I’m scared I’ll mess it up somehow and feel like an idiot. Its not like it’s a brand new bike though. I just have to take the risk I guess.


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